Lifestyle Inventory 

This lifestyle wheel was created to help you gain better insight into different areas of your health and well-being. When completed this wheel should look like your attention varies in each category, thats great. By no means do I want you to strive for some concept of balance where all areas of your life receive equal attention. Life doesn't work that way.

Why balance is flawed?

Like a seesaw, there are ups and downs in life. The seesaw is always moving and seldomly lands in the middle. We clearly understand this concept as a child on the playground, yet fail to apply it to our adult lives. Why is that?

When I think of balance, what comes to mind is lessening time spent on strengths and increasing time spent on a weakness. Since our lives are always changing and things are in constant fluctuation, we should embrace these shifts as if it’s a change of seasons rather than trying to pull everything back to balance, all of the time. You may find yourself in a ‘season’ of building your business or a ‘season’ of devoting extra time to family members & friends, and that’s okay. embrace these ebbs and flows.






  • Download the wheel template

  • Review the different area

  • Fill in how you currently feel you're doing in each area - half circles are acceptable

  • Take a moment to reflect on your wheel

  • Pick one thing you could do to improve one area

  • Focus on this for the next month.