Your Social Wellbeing 

It's the holidays and the parties and events are in full swing. This may not be ideal for the waistline, however this could be good for our longevity.

Research shows that the top two predictors of a long life are:

  1. Social Integration - how much you interact with people throughout your day
  2. Close relationships - be there for you, give you a loan, take you to the hospital, sit with you while having an existential crisis

That being said it is extremely important to make an effort to strengthen your social network. The holiday season is the perfect time to really put this into practice. Take the time to go out with friends and family, host a dinner at your place, or just grab a coffee with someone you really care about. All of these things make a huge difference in your wellbeing and happiness

I will note that digital interactions do not have the same effect. “Face to face interactions release a whole cascade of neurotransmitters”. Social media may give us a false sense of connection, your online friends and followers don't provide the response/stimulus needed.

So go out and embrace this holiday season, your health and longevity rely on it!! 





  • Download your homework 

  • Take time to review your current social life

  • What could you be doing to strengthen your friendships

  • Take the time to spend quality time with the people that mean the most to you 

  • Focus on this for the next month.