Dealing with uncertainty

Countless business failures, a broken relationship after years of trying to ‘make it work’, moving to a city where I knew nobody… want to know what these 3 things have in common?

They were uncertain choices I made or situations that arose. They evoked fear in my life. They pushed me and made me uncomfortable. They made me sad. They made me happy.

The past 3 years have been a roller coaster ride of uncertainty in my life. I have become quite comfortable with living in uncertainty and embracing the definition of this word on a daily basis.

If there’s one thing I know for sure after working with countless clients and coaching many women, it’s that at some point or another-- we ALL deal with varying degrees of uncertainty.


My goal through this article is to simply share some of the tips I have found helpful for how to better cope with uncertainty the next time you're faced with an unexpected issue...

  • Accepting what you can’t control - use affirmations around the topic of ‘letting it go’
  • Minimize venting / pity parties - gossip and negative talk may feel good, but actually damages your optimism and hope
  • Focus on what you can control - again, use positive affirmations and look to the positives in every situation
  • Trust intuitions - your gut will often give you a hunch with your next step
  • Ask for help
  • Practice cautious optimism - have a back-up plan, and don’t be afraid to put yourself FIRST in every situation. At the end of the day, you are the one who cares most deeply about your life's circumstances
  • Ask yourself “what have I learned and what will I do differently” and journal on this after dealing with uncertain situations

Have you dealt with uncertainty? If so, what are you tips for coping?