Getting Real with Your Core Values 

I’m sure that we have all heard of the concept of work-life balance, but I have yet to meet someone who has successfully achieved this long-term. Our intentions are always good when trying to achieve this balance, but we are striving for something the doesn’t exist; which is why I am proposing lifestyle alignment.

What is alignment?

The first step to achieving lifestyle alignment is having a clear understanding of what your values and beliefs are: this is about knowing what’s important to you and why. When you are honest with yourself about what you value, you are able to better understand what you want. Decisions about how to spend your time become easier because you can recognize whether something or someone fits in with what you believe. This is alignment.

How aligning can help you achieve success:

Big changes will occur when you take the time to evaluate your life and the decisions you are making based on whether they align with your values. You will feel more confident and more true to who you really are – therefore conserving your energy so that you can do more of what you love. Perhaps that means increasing your productivity at work, becoming more involved in your community, or strengthening the relationships that you have.



  • Download the core values list
  • Review the list of values and circle all the ones that speak to you
  • Set a timer for 3 minutes and cut the list down to 10 values
  • Set the timer for 1.5 minute and cut the list down to 5 values
  • Set the timer for 45 seconds and cut the list down to 3 core values